Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why buy a pre-programmed DMR radio?

DMR is the sensation that is literally taking the amateur radio world by storm.  Presently there are many vendors that stock DMR radios, yet no one mentions whether they are programmed.  Why?

DMR radios need programming to function.  Even for the very few models that have Front-Panel Programming (FPP) capability a number of parameters must be programmed and/or configured:

Very Important for Successful Communications:

Input Frequency;
Output Frequency;
Color Code;
Digital Contacts;
Transmit Talk Group;
Receive Talk Group;

Important Only if Using Public DMR Repeater:

Admit Criteria;
DMR User ID.

Get one of these wrong and you may either hear nothing or no one will hear you when you attempt to transmit.

Do you like configuring device drivers on MS-Windows?  Troubleshoot PC and USB compatibility issues?  Learn a new radio programming format?

Why is this mentioned at all?

I want to play radio.  That's the point.

Most folks spend 10 or more hours to install the driver, resolve driver, compatibility and OS issues, install the radio programming application (also known as CPS) and program the radio correctly before successfully getting on the air.  Until then, you have a non-functional brick.  Some think this is fun,  welcome it as a challenge and we applaud those individuals.

What value do you place on your time?

This is not to say that you would not need to learn at all; eventually, you will need learn to add new information in order to access new repeaters in your home area or perhaps new repeaters for travel.  With our solution, get on the air first and learn to program at your schedule*.

We help you get on the air ASAP and are the first VAR authorized by USA-based Connect Systems Inc. to fill that need.

See you at the next hamfest/convention!

For those whom opt, we will do this for you as a one-time or via subscription service after initial sale.  Contact us for details.

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