Saturday, June 18, 2016

W2QW Piscataway Hamfest - Thank You

We wish to thank Drew W2OU and the hamfest volunteers at the Raritan Valley Radio Club (NJ) for providing us with advance publicity ahead of the event and a well-trafficked outdoor tailgate spot at the event.  This is our third year at the hamfest and we are happy to be providing information on DMR as well as our product and service offerings.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lower Pricing and New Services

A big THANK YOU for all your support at the Dayton Hamvention!

Connect Systems was pleased to have us at the event providing personalized sales and support for their DMR product line.  For the first time, hams purchased a pre-programmed radio that they were able to use at Dayton immediately upon purchase.

As a result of the tremendous response at Dayton, effective June 1, 2016 we are now able pass along LOWER PRICES to you.

Please look for the new pricing at future Hamfests we will be attending.

June 5     Mount Beacon ARC Spring Hamfest
June 19   Raritan Valley Radio Club Hamfest

Also as a result of Dayton Hamvention, we now offer:
 - Code Plug Subscriptions;
 - Outsourced Code Plug Maintenance;
for your Connect Systems CS750/751/800/801 DMR radios.

Going on a road trip?  Enjoy talking on the radio but not the programming?
Clubs - tired of keeping track of new repeaters, changes and new user registrations?

We can help!  Please call for details.