Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Introducing the CS-580

We are pleased to present the CS-580 compact handheld DMR/FM HT Transceiver.

Up to now, one needed to trade off between low price and advanced features.

No longer.

Custom manufactured by BFDX for USA-based Connect Systems, the CS-580 is a compact dual mode (DMR/FM) single band HT form factor transceiver with the following features unique not just for this price class; rather, any price class:

From the manufacturer:

The CS580 is one of our most exciting new products that we have designed in the past 30 years. This DMR radio is designed specifically for the amateur radio operators and offers the best value in the DMR market. The radio includes a number of unique and advanced features and is easy to operate.
 Connect to any DMR network without the use of a computer. Experienced Hams who prefer to use a computer can program up to 1,024 fixed channels.
 Strong, durable and tough. Meets MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F for humidity, vibration and shock and is dustproof and waterproof to IP54.
 Frequency of the repeater can be entered from an easy to use screen on the radio in conjunction with a built in keypad. By pressing a single key, you can enter into monitor mode. You can join a conversation by simply pressing the lock key.
 Advanced Hams can enter the frequency, slot number, color code, Tx contact number and type of call from a single easy to use screen. Just press the lock key and you are ready to initiate a call on any DMR network, including Brandmeister, DMR-MARC or DMRplus.
 Find the frequency of local repeaters in a new city by placing the radio into scan mode. Then let the radio automatically find the frequency for you.
 In a similar manner, communications on an analog channel is possible without a computer.
 Stores up to 1024 analog and digital channels in 64 zones with up to 250 contacts. The CPS software for making the code plug is free and available for download from the CSI Download Center.

The CS-580 box includes:

  • CS-580 UHF (400-480 MHz) HT
    • FCC ID: 2AARFBFTD50501
    • Rated RF Output (high/low):  4W/1W
  • 2100mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • UHF Flexible Antenna
  • Desk Charging Base
  • AC Adapter
  • Wrist Strap
  • Belt Clip

Optional Accessories sold separately:

  • Programming Cable
  • Extra 2100mAh Li-Ion Battery

Coming Soon:

  • CS-581 VHF (136-174 MHz) HT
  • External Speaker/Microphone

Quick Start Guide/User Manual
Customer Programming Software (CPS) Manual

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Just in time for the winter holidays!