Saturday, February 18, 2017

Winter/Spring 2017 Hamfest Attendance

We have confirmed attendance for the following upcoming hamfest:

February 26 - LIMARC, Hicksville NY

We are either tentative or are in the process of confirming for the upcoming hamfests:

March 19 - Southington CT
May 5~6 - NEAR-FEST, Deerfield NH
May 19~21 - Dayton Hamvention, Xenia OH

Please monitor this space for updates.  Thank you for your continued support of our little mom and pop shop.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WB6IQN Ed's TBJ-1 on QST

Congratulations Edison WB6IQN and daughter Tessa KJ6QXM on having the TBJ-1 Tri-Band J-Pole (patent pending) published on QST.  It appears in the March 2017 edition, pp.35-40.  These are the 146/223/444MHz antennas that stand 6' tall, weighs about one pound, feature no radials and bottom 10" bondable to bare metal without adversely affecting performance.  Looks like a PVC vent/drain pipe and easily passes for one, very HOA friendly.  Each antenna is meticulously hand crafted by Ed's Electrical Engineering graduate students and individually tuned by WB6IQN on a professional-grade antenna analyzer.  We have the antenna in stock for immediate delivery and will be carrying them to our upcoming hamfests.

 TBJ-1 QST Article

Monday, February 6, 2017

Thank you FrostFest Richmond

We wish to thank the many FrostFest 2017 volunteers at the Richmond Amateur Telecommunications Society FrostFest for providing us with advance publicity ahead of the event, a well-trafficked indoor space at the event and your generous hospitality.  This is our second year at Richmond.  

We are happy to be providing information on DMR as well as our product and service offerings to the Richmond VA area.  This is a fast growing area for DMR and available repeaters may be found at DMRVA.

We were also pleased to provide an Introduction to DMR Presentation to attendees.  The presentation was updated to February 2017 and customized with availability local to Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If you are a ham radio club or group located in NJ and would like us to prepare a presentation on DMR customized for your area or club, please let us know.  The presentation will be provided free of charge or any obligation to purchase.