Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WB6IQN Ed's TBJ-1 on QST

Congratulations Edison WB6IQN and daughter Tessa KJ6QXM on having the TBJ-1 Tri-Band J-Pole (patent pending) published on QST.  It appears in the March 2017 edition, pp.35-40.  These are the 146/223/444MHz antennas that stand 6' tall, weighs about one pound, feature no radials and bottom 10" bondable to bare metal without adversely affecting performance.  Looks like a PVC vent/drain pipe and easily passes for one, very HOA friendly.  Each antenna is meticulously hand crafted by Ed's Electrical Engineering graduate students and individually tuned by WB6IQN on a professional-grade antenna analyzer.  We have the antenna in stock for immediate delivery and will be carrying them to our upcoming hamfests.

 TBJ-1 QST Article