DBJ-2 by Ed Fong WB6IQN

Published in QST March 2007

From the popularity of the DBJ-1 came the DBJ-2. Based on the DBJ-1, the DBJ-2 was designed for easy deployment in the field to primarily aid in extended HT (handie talkie) coverage. It is available in HAM (144-148 MHz / 440-450 MHz) or Commercial (152-157 MHz / 460-470 MHz). The original article was published in March 2007 QST and is attached below. The unique feature of this kit is that it comes complete with a 6 ft extension cable and all adapters to connect to various manufacturers of handie talkies (Icom, Yeasu, Kenwood, Alinco, Anytone, Baofeng, Connect Systems, Wouxun, TYT, etc). This includes BNC, SMA-male, and SMA-female.

UPDATE: We have a limited quantity of DBJ-1 available for order on our online shop. Subject to availability.


Configuration: 1/2 Wave Radiating Element

Maximum Input Power: 50 Watts

Impedance: 50 Ohms

SWR (VHF): < 1.5 to 1 over 3 MHz bandwidth

SWR (VHF): < 1.7 :1 over 4 MHz bandwidth

VHF Gain: 2.1 dBi (up to 10dB gain over stock HT antenna)

SWR (UHF): < 1.3 to 1 over a 6 MHz bandwidth

SWR (UHF): < 1.5 :1 over 10 MHz bandwidth.

UHF Gain: 2.1 dBi (6db gain over a 2 meter J pole used at 450 MHz)

up to 10dB gain over stock HT antenna

Amateur Version: VHF 2m(144-148 MHz); UHF 70cm(440-450 MHz)

Commercial Version: VHF (152-157 MHz); UHF (460-470 MHz)

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