CountyComm GP5-SSB Receiver




Amazing for emergency kits. It also makes an excellent monitor for when you're transmitting and tuning a HAM rig!

The new GP-5 SSB radio is made based on a continued request for an excellent quality general purpose information radio. These radios are customized for a specific client request with the help of Edison Fong Ph.D. We have a few left over to offer to our consumer preppers. Remember, always have a radio and be prepared, we are living in changing times.

We are pleased to present the GP-5/SSB radio with excellent HF communications monitoring in a unique handheld form factor and at a great price. The radio covers low wave 150-520kHz; medium wave 520-1710 kHz; shortwave 2300-30000 kHz and the FM band. Unlike most radios in this price category, the GP-5/SSB provides LSB and USB single sideband reception on all bands except FM. It has a very unique Easy Tuning Mode (ETM). ETM does more the usual ATS. It scans all frequencies without taking up the memory spaces. So you get quick access to all local stations. Great for the traveler. There are also 450 regular memories (100 AM, 100 FM and 250 shortwave) available for tuning into your favorite stations. Another unique feature of the radio is its removable high sensitivity external AM ferrite antenna. This directional antenna clearly enhances AM band reception. The GP-5/SSB even employs DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, improving clarity and tone quality. There is even an adjustable sleep timer and thermometer!


  • Radio: 225 hrs at 40% Volume

  • FM – Stereo via stereo earphones (mono in MW / LW / SW bands)

  • FM Frequency range adjustable (76 ~ 108 MHz)

  • Antenna Length extends 18 Inches

  • 450 Station Memories

  • Multi Tuning Methods: ATS, ETM, Auto scan tuning with 5 seconds pre-listening for both frequency & memory (VF / VM), Manual tuning 9K/10K AM tuning step selectable

  • Silicon Labs Si4734 DSP chipset

  • LCD Backlight

  • On-board ambient Temperature Gauge

  • Key lock function

  • External AM antenna Jack

  • Built-in rechargeable function (5V USB jack compatible with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries)

  • Size: 53 (W) x 159 (H) x 26 (D) mm

Operating Modes : AM, FM, SW, USB, LSB

  • FM: 76 – 108 MHz --- FM broadcast band includes world-wide FM broadcast allocations

  • MW/ AM: 522 - 1620 (9K tuning step) or 520 – 1710 kHz (10K tuning step )

  • SW: Extended Frequency Range to 1711-29999 ( higher and lower coverage )

  • LW frequency: 150 – 522 kHz (available for 9K tuning step only)

Sterile Fiberboard Packaging Per Contract Requirements

Package Contents:

  • Stereo earbuds

  • Plug-in directional Ferrite Bar MW antenna

  • Long wire Clip-on Antenna

  • Soft carry pouch

  • User manual

Power Requirements and Physical Dimensions:

  • 4.5 Volts DC via side jack (USB cable not included)

  • 3 pcs LR6 "AA" batteries (Batteries not included)

  • Dimensions: 6.26" x 2.09" x 1.02" (159mm x 53mm x 26mm)

  • Weight: 85 Grams (excluding batteries)

  • Speaker: 40 mm in diameter, 16 Ohms, 500 milliwatt

  • Earphone Jack: 3.5 MM, 8~32 Ohm, Stereo type

Warning: Some suppliers are offering aftermarket large ferrite bar antennas for our GP-5 Radios. The weight of the aftermarket antenna causes the AM Bar Antenna Input connector to break internally, losing AM reception. The use of unapproved antennas will void your warranty.

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