TBJ-1 by Ed Fong WB6IQN

US Patent 9,608,336; Published in QST - March 2017

Latest antenna featuring coverage in a single antenna - 2 meters, 220MHz, and 70cm and is ideally suited for the new triband radios that have entered the market. Perfect match for triband radios such as the - Anytone AT-D578UV; Baofeng UV5Rx3; Btech 2501+220; Btech UV25 x4; QYT 8900 and Radioddity QB25

This antenna was designed for FEMA and is ideal both as a base antenna as well as an emergency antenna.

Superb performance without radials!

Bottom 10" of the antenna (measured from the antenna connector) is non-radiating, so performance is not affected by metal. Use metallic or metal-based implements with confidence!


Total height 5 ft 8 inches (172cm).

Configuration: Half-Wave Radiating Element

Gain: 2.1dBi (up to 10dB gain over stock HT flexible antenna!)

Maximum RF Power Input: 75W

Impedance: 50 Ohms nominal

2m VHF (144-148 MHz) - SWR: less than 1.5 to 1 over a 3 MHz bandwidth and less than 1.7 :1 over 4 MHz bandwidth.

1.25m VHF (222-225 MHz) - SWR: less than 1.5 to 1 over a 3 MHz bandwidth

70cm UHF (440-450 MHz) - SWR: less than 1.3 to 1 over a 6 MHz bandwidth and less than 1.7 :1 over 10 MHz bandwidth.

Default connector SO-239; N connector is an available option for additional $5.

Because of the intricate tuning of elements that cannot fold, we only sell this antenna fully assembled with PVC pipe, hence the higher quoted shipping cost.

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