CompacTenna Tri-Band 2m/1.25m/70cm

COMPACtenna Model 2M/220/440 Tri-Band NMO Mobile Antennas

COMPACtenna Model 2M/220/440 Tri-Band NMO Mobile Antennas are very small, high performance tri-band antennas. Even though they're only 7.5 inches tall, they provide superior Omni-directional coverage far beyond their size, using a unique Electric-Magnetic Field Diversity patented* design. These are attractive, rugged and weatherproof radome-style mobile antennas that will allow vehicle passage into most garages, drive-through lanes and even under low tree branches without having to remove or tilt the antenna structure.

COMPACtenna NMO Mobiles are easy to install and use, requiring no tuning. This Tri-band model covers three of the most popular VHF and UHF amateur bands. A typical SWR under 2:1 across the frequency ranges 144-148 MHz, 219-225MHz and 420-450MHz, depending only upon the vehicle mount or base mount position. This antenna handles up to 85W on the 2M band and 50W on 220 MHz and 440 MHz. It also provides excellent wide-band receive coverage from 100-1500 MHz. Its industry standard NMO base is compatible with a number of NMO vehicle magnet mounts, grounded NMO hole-mounts, hatch or trunk lip mounts or angle bracket mounts. Please note that the required NMO mount is supplied by the user and not included with the antenna.

The revolutionary COMPACtenna Model 2M/220/440 Tri-Band NMO Mobile Antenna is also configurable as an indoor base or as an inconspicuous, outdoor base antenna. Add an optional Larsen BSAKIT NMO Mast Mount and bend the radials downward at a 70 degree angle. It may be mounted in an attic or other stealth location.

*Patent No. US 9,407,001 – Unique Electric/Magnetic Field Diversity Science & Technology Patented Design

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