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Most Ed Fong antennas in stock, Next DBJ Amateur-band shipment expected around April 22.

We do not recommend N-Connector antennas if you are not familiar with them.

TBJ-1 not expected until May-June. We are trying to get a small shipment sooner but no firm commitment at this time.

Flash sale items are time and quantity limited. Thank you for your patience and support!

We are pleased to announce we are now an official distributor for Nagoya HT antennas. Look for high gain GMRS and tri-band Amateur HT antennas from our list below!

We plan to attend the upcoming hamfests in 2024:

April 25-26 (Thursday-Friday) - NEAR-Fest in Deerfield NH

We are continuing to work with Ed and his students to help us maintain stock. Please be aware that each and every antenna is hand made and manually tuned so production rate is limited. Thank you for your patience while we work diligently to this end.

We are aware that there may be limited availability of 3/4" Class 200 PVC Pipe required for DBJ-1, DBJ-220, DBJ-GMRS and MB-1 antennas - please have the necessary pipe before ordering the antenna as it will not function properly if installed in Schedule 40, other materials, types or no pipe at all.




Standard shipping fees for all other items remain unchanged.

All items in stock and available in quantity. TBJ-1 ships in 48 hours, all others ship in 24 hours.

All customers: Please use the tracking number supplied to track your package and check for exception or delay. Our system automatically sends your tracking number when the item is dispatched. Tracking number(s) assigned for all shipped orders. Contact us if you do not receive tracking number(s) after two business days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Canadian Customers: We now ship antennas and accessories to Canada via the online shop. Maximum weight per order 4 lbs. Transit time between 7 and 21 days. At this time we do not ship Ed Fong TBJ-1 Tri-Band antennas or PVC tubes to Canada. Thank you for your understanding.

Can Pro Tip: We have found that the likelihood of taxes and duties levied by federal and provincial taxing authorities significantly increase if the order exceeds one item. Just observation - not advice!

Buy with confidence - we ship most in-stock items within 24-36 hours (48 hours for TBJ and any order containing PVC pipe).

We realize you have choices and appreciate your business!

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TBJ-1 Tri-Band Amateur Ham Base Antenna by Ed Fong
TBJ-1 Tri-Band Amateur Ham Base Antenna by Ed Fong
TBJ-1 Tri-Band Amateur Ham Base Antenna by Ed Fong
*** Shipping not combinable with other items due to object size - please place separate order ***
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PCTEL Ghost Stealth Amateur Ham GMRS 70cm Wideband UHF Antenna
PCTEL Ghost Stealth Amateur Ham GMRS 70cm Wideband UHF Antenna
PCTEL Ghost Stealth Amateur Ham GMRS 70cm Wideband UHF Antenna
430 - 480MHZ; 100W Max Power; NMO Mount; Less than 3.5" H
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I like this Ed Fong antenna... no radials... thank you all for your crazy fast shipping. I got this three business days after ordering.

Satisfied Customer, KY

Thanks for taking the time to go over setup details with me.  I really appreciate it!

Satisfied Customer, FL